What I Offer

My roots are deeply planted in the world of fantasy and I will happily edit most sub-genres within it. Both young adult and adult (steamy scenes are fine). Not writing fantasy? That's okay, too!  Tell me about your story and I'll tell you if I think I can help.

Beta Reading

$20 USD for stories under 10K words
$25 USD for stories 10K--20K words
$0.002/word for stories over 20K words

Beta Readers are a story weaver's best friend. They let you know where your story excels and where it stalls. Professional beta readers also offer professional advice and don't flake out halfway through.

Manuscript Evaluations

$25 USD for stories under 10K words
$40 USD for stories 10K--20K words
$0.004/word for stories over 20K words

A beta-read on steroids. With a manuscript evaluation, I will read your manuscript and note areas that are confusing, illogical, slow or otherwise affecting the quality of the story. Then I will give you ways to fix the issues. Note that this is a broad look at the manuscript, I will not 'mark up' the manuscript, except to provide comments on certain areas.

 Content Editing

Prices vary depending on the state of the manuscript.

From short stories to epic adventures. Editing by section is also available.  

In general, I will look for problems with plot and premise, passive and active voice, filtering words, basic punctuation, spelling, wordiness (filler words), consistency, and logic. My editing style consists of a lot of content editing with some technical editing mixed in. I do not market myself as a copy-editor because the higher levels of grammar are not my calling. What I do offer my clients is all my knowledge of the craft, which is constantly expanding.

Clients will also be able to discuss their results via email or messenger. I can provide assistance in clarification, brainstorming, problem-solving or even tutoring on issues within the edited piece. Limit 5 conversations. Amount subject to change as service evolves.​


$25 USD for stories under 10K words
$40 USD for stories 10K--20K words
$0.004/word for stories over 20K words

A service for authors that are just about to hit the "Publish/Submit Button".  I will read your finished manuscript in Word or eBook format and alert you to any errors that may be noticed by your audience. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Missing or backward quotation marks 
Homophones or commonly incorrect phrases 
Misplaced headings (when provided in eBook format)

Basically, anything that would cause the reader to lose their focus on the story.


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