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What is a line edit?

There are quite a few descriptions and alternate names for a line edit. I like this definition that I stumbled across on the Master Class website:

“A line editor works line-by-line, tightening up sentence structure so the language is sharp and clear. They look closely at how a writer’s word choice and syntax contributes to the tone or emotion of a piece of writing. Finally, a line editor is concerned with the overall pacing and logical flow of a piece.”

(They also have a nice explanation of the difference between line editing and copyediting in that article.)

When do I get a line edit?

You’ve written a rough draft, self-edited as much as you could, had the story reviewed by beta readers, and incorporated any changes. After self-editing a tad bit more, you now have your final, final draft. Now is the time to have it line edited.  

  • Based on a 10,000-word document.

  • 1100 words per hour (roughly, $0.0225 per word)

Starting at


Line Editing

How AARE does a line edit:

Just as there are many terms and definitions for a line edit, there are many ways that a line editor does their work. I prefer to read the manuscript straight through and then go back and work through the piece line by line. While I work within the document, I use Microsoft Word’s track changes and comments features. And, as seen above, I like to offer links to help explain concepts.

I am happy to provide a 2000-word sample edit for potential clients for $25. If the author hires AARE for the project, the $25 applies to the total cost.

I also request a 2000-word sample to give potential clients a better cost estimate.

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