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What is a beta reader?

At its simplest, it's someone who reads your story and gives their opinion on it. It's a good idea for an author to find multiple people to act as beta readers. It’s also important to find readers of the genre you are writing in. An avid reader of romance may not enjoy (and therefore give a good analysis of) a horror novel. 


When do I get a beta reader?

The best time to have your story beta read is after you have written your rough draft and self-edited it multiple times. Once you feel you have the story the way it should be, it's time to get fresh eyes on it.  

Why hire a beta reader?

Sometimes, it's hard to curate a reliable group of readers. A paid beta reader is professional. You shouldn’t have to worry about them ghosting you or not getting the story read before a deadline. Most times, a professional beta reader is going to have quality input for your story. 

Beta Reading


Starting at

  • Based on a 10,000-word document.

  • 10,000 words per hour + 2 hours for write up (roughly, $0.0025 per word + $50)

Why hire AARE as a beta reader?

As an editor, not only can I give my opinion on a piece, I can also give professional advice. If the first chapter isn’t holding my attention, I can give you ways to fix the problem.

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