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A reader's point of view. An editor's know-how.

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Welcome, writers! 

I'm Sarah, a professional fiction editor with a passion for helping authors bring their stories to life. I specialize in speculative fiction and its sub-genres and offer affordable editing services to authors who may be on a tight budget.

With a bachelor’s degree in science from New Mexico State University and a minor in English, I bring a well-rounded skill set to the table. My scientific background gives me analytical thinking and attention to detail. And my love for language and literature makes me enjoy editing. I am committed to helping you refine your written works, ensuring they are polished, engaging, and effectively convey your ideas.

I offer comprehensive editing, where I approach each story as a reader first, then as an editor. Having someone comment and mark up a passion project is tough! So, I strive to be supportive of my clients and keep their vision at the forefront. I take the time to explain my edits, ensuring that authors understand the choices they can make in their writing.

I have been editing professionally since 2017 and am proud of the help and encouragement I could offer the authors I have worked with. One of my notable successes includes working with a client whose novel they nominated for an award. They even invited me to the awards ceremony! But my introverted nature led me to cheer from the comfort of my "hobbit hole." It was a proud moment to see my client's work recognized.

Beyond editing, I am an avid reader, hence the name of my website. I also enjoy crafting jewelry making and tending to my family, which includes two wonderful kids, a menagerie of animals, and a collection of plants. I have been happily married to the love of my life for 18 years.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my editing services. If you have questions or would like to discuss your project, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Who I am

Editing Services

Having someone evaluate your passion project is tough! I strive to be respectful and supportive of my clients, keeping their vision at the forefront. I take the time to explain my edits, ensuring that authors understand the choices they can make in their writing. Every project is approached as a reader first, then as an editor. 

Comprehensive Edit

There are a lot of terms in the editing industry that describe two different styles. One style focuses on the big picture: plot structure, characterization, pacing, etc. The other focuses on the technical aspects: spelling, grammar, word choice, clarity, etc.

My editing style is a hybrid of the two. Typically, the process happens in two passes. On the first pass, I will read a manuscript and offer "big-picture" advice. On the second pass, after the author has made any changes they want to make, I edit line by line, focusing on the technical aspects.  Once finished, the author should be ready for proofreading. I always suggest a proofread from another source before publishing. Note that in traditional publishing houses, a manuscript is often seen by three sets of eyes!


Proofreading is one of the final steps in the journey to publishing a manuscript. Ideally, the manuscript should be in its final draft and has been edited developmentally (big picture) and by line (technical). A proofreader's job is to look for remaining mistakes and inconsistencies. Often, this comes in the form of omitted words, catching names that were changed but missed in certain spots, and, of course, spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Professional Beta Reading

Beta Reading is usually done after the first draft. It's a good idea to gather multiple readers of the genre the manuscript is representing and have them give their opinions on the piece. Sometimes, an author doesn't have that resource. Perhaps no one they know reads "why-choose" romance novels or they've gotten a lot of conflicting opinions and would like a professional point of view.  


What I Charge

Understanding the financial constraints indie authors face, I wanted to provide editing services at a lower cost. Over time, I have settled on a rate of $25 per hour,  less than the industry standard ($30-50 per hour, depending on the type of editing).

For comprehensive edits and proofreading projects, I request a 1500-word sample from the manuscript. This allows the client to get a feel for my editing style and whether they would like to partner with me. It also allows me to estimate the time it would take to finish the project and create a quote.  I charge $25.00 for this portion. If the client hires me, the cost is applied to the full project price.

For beta reading projects, the project consists of the time it takes to read the manuscript, and the time it would take to write up my notes. Typically, one hour for every 10,000 words and two additional hours for the write-up.

What I Charge



Thank you so much [for] the review and suggestions. I feel I have gained so much from it. I'm on a journey to be a better writer and feel this was an amazing step along the way. I highly recommend.


She has a way of taking a scene unfolding in the story and adding depth to it, seeing it in three dimensions, and filling in the pieces the reader needs to form a complete picture.  

Brent Jones,
Author of

Go Home, Afton

I had a real sense that Sarah was invested in my manuscript and committed to elevating its good points without sacrificing style and voice. 

Sunyi Dean,
Repped by

Bookends Literary

If you are in search of someone, I recommend her with the highest regards.

Grace E. Summers,

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