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Editing Services

I work primarily in speculative fiction and do my best to create a supportive and encouraging environment for my clients. I pride myself on coaching from a reader's perspective but with an editor's know-how. As a reader, I can tell you when the storyline starts to lose me; as an editor, I can tell you why. 

I have been freelance editing for over five years and have gathered some wonderful clients in that time.

Low-Cost Manuscript Evaluations

Ideal for authors that have written and revised their manuscript and are looking for feedback. 

A manuscript evaluation gives insight into the overall piece. It covers topics like how well the characters are made; how interesting the plot is; if the writing is done well enough that the reader is able to become immersed in the story; if there are logic or continuity issues; etc.   

The goal of an evaluation is to provide developmental feedback for authors to take into their next revision. 

*An important note on how I created a low-cost manuscript evaluation option*

I do not charge for the time it takes me to read a manuscript. I charge only for the time it takes for making notes in the margin and writing up an editorial letter. The caveat? If I cannot get into a manuscript, I will not continue to read it. I will, however, explain, in detail, why I lost engagement and what the author can do to fix the issue. 


$25.00 USD for stories under 25,000 words

$50.00 USD for stories between 25,000 and 75,000 words

$75.00 for stories between 75,000 and 100,000

$100.00 for stories between 100,000 and 125,0000 words

(if a manuscript is over more than 125,000 words, It's likely that the work either needs to be trimmed or separated into multiple pieces. 

L-C Eval
Small-Section Line Editing

Ideal for those writers that are feeling pretty confident with DIY but would like a little professional insight. 

A line edit of this size will focus mainly on mechanics. Some examples are: telling vs showing; dialogue tags; filtering and filler words; tense usage; etc. 

The goal is to make as many suggestions as possible in the section so that the author can apply those suggestions to the rest of the manuscript. 


$75.00 USD for 10,000 words

Line Editing

Ideal for authors who want in-depth feedback on their story. 

Where a copy edit focuses on the technical aspects of a manuscript, a line edit focuses on the language used, the content, and the style. I line edit from a reader-first point of view. I'm less interested in the debate on whether authors should no longer open on the main character waking up from a dream. I'm more interested in whether the author pulled it off in a way that I want to keep reading.


If I'm not enjoying a line, paragraph, or chapter as a reader, I go back and look at it with my editor hat and root out why that is. I then show the author (through Word's Track Changes) ways that the problem can be fixed. 

The goal, just like in the shortened version above, is to make as many notes and suggestions as possible so that the author can take those suggestions into their next round of revisions. 


$0.01 USD per word

Line Editing
LC Proof
Low-Cost Proofreading 

Ideal for authors who are ready to publish but would like one last set of eyes to spot any errors. 

A final proofread would look for any errors that would trip the reader up. Things like misspellings, missing words, missing punctuation, and inconsistencies. 

The goal is to catch as many obvious-to-the-readers errors as possible before the author's final draft. 

*An important note on how I created a low-cost proofread*

If there is more than one error for every few pages, the manuscript will be refused. The author can then choose to continue their own revisions or upgrade to a comprehensive proofread priced at $0.005 USD per word. 


$25.00 USD for stories under 25,000 words

$50.00 USD for stories between 25,000 and 75,000 words

$75.00 for stories between 75,000 and 100,000

$100.00 for stories between 100,000 and 125,0000 words

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