I'm Sarah, owner and operator of An Avid Reader Editing and creator of the Facebook group Ask a Book Editor.  My goal is to serve as an inexpensive general editor—one that focuses on content but is capable of tackling mechanics—so that writers’ stories can be well polished before publishing or submitting.  I offer a range of services from beta reading to proofreading.

So, how can I help you?

"How's my writing?"

Evaluations and Coaching

New to the whole writing scene? Unsure if your writing is even any good?  You may want  an manuscript evaluation or even some coaching. I can read your work and give you an idea of where you are on the road to becoming an author.

"I have my final draft. Now what?"


You've written and revised your first draft to the point of insanity. You've had a few people read your book and they seem to like it. Congratulations! Now it's time for an editor. An editor acts as a fresh set of eyes and looks for issues in consistency, voice, grammar and the like. This is an important step in making sure your audience can understand the story you are trying to tell.

"I'm ready to publish! I think."


You've written, revised, and edited for content as well as grammar and punctuation. It's time for publishing. A proofread finds those mistakes that have been hiding in plain sight - before your readers do.

"I'm not writing a book."

Website and Blog editing

You're not? Well, I can edit your website and/or blog, too!


"Sarah is a very dedicated editor, who will work *with* you and not just for you. I had a real sense that she was invested in my manuscript and committed to elevating its good points without sacrificing style and voice. She was confident in highlighting issues while still being supportive and positive - not to mention very patient with my many questions and random writer-related anxieties!"

Sunyi Dean

"Sarah has a level of attention to detail that gives her editing a clear edge. She has a way of taking a scene unfolding in the story and adding depth to it, seeing it in three dimensions, and filling in the pieces the reader needs to form a complete picture. Her observations on human behavior help to bring characters to life. I recently started working with Sarah, and I'm impressed with what she brings to the table"

"Ok, so your search is over, at least it is for me. After years of looking for 'the' editor, I've finally found her. I could go on and on about her great work, and, the affordable prices that you can't beat, but I'm sure you have a life and I won't keep you. But Sarah is truly the best. I wouldn't be ready to hand her my 4th book if she wasn't. So far, I haven't found an editor I would use after a few chapters. And she's really nice, I feel like she's a friend and she's respectful. If you're in search of someone, I recommend her with the highest regards. Thank you, Sarah."

Free Sample Edit

Finding an editor that suits you is important. It is a good idea to submit samples for editing to any editors that you may like to work with.
An Avid Reader Editing offers free 1000-word sample editing, so that you can decide if my style fits yours. 
Please contact me to schedule your sample edit.

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